ABA Chat: ASD Symptomology vs Behavior History

Click the link if you prefer to view the transcript in Excel format. 2013_02_04 ASD Symptomology vs Behavior History, please feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below.

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jawsers #behavioranalysis #someecards #ABAChat http://t.co/Ecq5pJII | Twicsy, the   Twitter Pics Engine
Behaviorhal #ABAchat tonight, 9pm est! @JHyfler leading discussion on ASD   symptomatology vs. behaviour history #behavioranalysis via @behaviouratplay
behaviorbabe RT @Behaviorhal: #ABAchat tonight, 9pm est! @JHyfler leading discussion   on ASD symptomatology vs. behaviour history #behavioranalysis via   @behaviouratplay
welchmj RT @Behaviorhal: #ABAchat tonight, 9pm est! @JHyfler leading discussion   on ASD symptomatology vs. behaviour history #behavioranalysis via   @behaviouratplay
WisconsinABA RT @Behaviorhal: #ABAchat tonight, 9pm est! @JHyfler leading discussion   on ASD symptomatology vs. behaviour history #behavioranalysis via   @behaviouratplay
behaviorbabe If you could spend an hour with a (living) leader in our field, who would   you choose to meet? Why? #behavioranalysis #ABAChat
JHyfler Excited for tonight’s #ABAChat @behaviorbabe @behaviouratplay
think_inclusive RT @behaviouratplay: #ABAchat picks up tomorrow 9 pm EST! @JHyfler is   leading a discussion on ASD symptomatology vs. behaviour history.   #behavioranalysis
JHyfler Welcome, esteemed colleagues, to this night’s #ABAChat. Tonight, we will   be discussing ASD symptomatology and learning histories.
JHyfler Why don’t we start off with a some quick introductions. Just the basics,   who you are, what you do, anything else pertinent… #ABAChat
abirchmeier Hi, I’m Angela. Work in a center based ABA program, working toward BCaBA   certification. #ABAChat #ABAchat
JHyfler Hi, Angela. Welcome. We started   right on time, and expecting some intermitten participation at the front end.   #ABAChat
Behaviorhal Hi, I’m Hal, working on board certification, among other things 🙂  #ABAchat
JHyfler I am Joshua, currently a front line therapist at a pediatric clinic, M.Ed   candidate, and looking for BCBA cert. after my ed. progrm #ABAChat
JHyfler Welcome, Hal. #ABAChat
JHyfler While we wait for trickle in, I’d like to preface that this isn’t lit.   based per sey. It’s meant to be more discussion/conceptual #ABAChat
JHyfler And then hopefully leading to some applied compentencies #ABAChat
JHyfler *competencies #ABAChat
JHyfler Ok, well, why don’t we just start right in. The beginning will be the   normal Q&A — please respond as such — Q1 –> A1 #ABAChat
behaviouratplay Hi everyone!  Tricia-Lee, working   towards board certification. Currently consult in #sped classrooms.  #abachat
JHyfler Hi Tricia-Lee — our intrepid organizer! #ABAChat
JHyfler Q1: Are we all familiar with the three core deficits of an ASD? #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler thanks for the welcome! #abachat
abirchmeier A1: communication, social skills, restricted interests/repetitive   behaviors  #ABAchat
JHyfler @Abirchmeier — Exactly, thank you. #ABAChat
JHyfler Q2: What are some common symptoms you see in your clients as they relate   to those core areas? #ABAChat
behaviouratplay A1: If referring to DSM criteria: 1) communication; 2) social skills; 3)   repetitive restrictive behaviors. #abachat
JHyfler I am thinking along the lines of stereotypies, lack of joint attention,   seemingly endless stacking, etc. #ABAChat
JHyfler Let me rephrase, what are some of the atypical behaviors you commonly see   in your clientel? #ABAChat
abirchmeier A2: Delayed verbal skills, lack of eye contact with/awareness of peers,   repetitive manipulation of toys/objects in lieu of play #ABAchat
JHyfler Perfect, definitely common. #ABAChat
behaviouratplay A2: rituals, insistence on sameness, idiosyncratic language, maladaptive   coping behaviours. #abachat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay For sure, #ABAChat
JHyfler Q3: If we can agree that the brain of a child with an ASD is atypically   wired, where does learning history start to play a role? #ABACHat
JHyfler Re: Q3: no right answer, we’re getting into the discussion groove at this   point #ABAChat
JHyfler I think that the brain of a child with an ASD increases a probability of   atypical behaviors but that it’s still a result of history #ABAChat
JHyfler When we consider the plasticity of the brain, it seems more to do with   the history of SR at a certain point than “symptoms” #ABAChat
behaviouratplay A3: learning history in the maintenance and generalization of responses   with particular Sds #abachat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay especially as it relates to automatic functions #ABAChat
abirchmeier A3: Learning history still applies. Although learned responses and   reinforcers may be atypical, they still come from somewhere. #ABAchat
JHyfler e.g., the common symptoms #ABAChat
JHyfler excuse me, the common manifestation of “symptoms” #ABAChat
JHyfler Incidental learning seems to play more a role in the maintenance for   these learners – I flapped, it felt good AND someone ran over! #ABAChat
JHyfler It would also seem that these histories are harder to “undo”   because so many see it as merely something that “they do” #ABAChat
behaviouratplay A3: the brain wired to attend to certain stimuli over others; preference   for certain reinforcers  #abachat
JHyfler Respect automatically maintained bx that appear atypical but don’t be   resigned to the fact it needs to be a HUGE part of life #ABAChat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay Great compliment to the point. We know the brain is   different, but the brain is a muscle, something we can work #ABAChat
JHyfler Q4: thinking about whose society is deeming what is socially valid where   do we draw the line in programming v. deprogramming skills #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler can’t possibly account for every bit of learning that occurred.   Make data-informed guess re: response chains, functions. #ABAchat
JHyfler Many self-advocates will tell you to celebrate stereotypy, I agree, in   some instances #ABAChat
abirchmeier A4: Target reduction of behaviors that actually interfere with learning   or are highly disruptive; others may not be such a big deal #ABAchat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay I tend to agree. Also adding that learning history which   leans towards maladaptive BX needs to be stopped. #ABAChat
JHyfler I get people who wil ask “Oh, a child with autism, so they don’t   speak and they bang their heads” #ABAChat
JHyfler @abirchmeier I agree with that, too! Is it causing harm, interfereing, or   unnecessarily discrepant from their peers #ABAChat
JHyfler Q5: In respecting certain typical BXs of ASD, if I can teach you a faster   more acceptible functionally equal replacement, should I? #ABAChat
abirchmeier A4: Sometimes we expect too much of our kids with ASD.   “Typical” children wiggle, are loud, have occasional quirky   behaviors, etc #ABAchat
behaviouratplay A4: socially valid behaviour to target = skills that provide community   access while addressing the barriers to this access. #ABAchat
JHyfler When do I recognize that you have been practicing atypical BX for 11   years now, is that because of your ASD or contingent learning #ABAChat
JHyfler Now, this is hard stuff! I need to be a competent AND compassionate   professional #ABAChat
behaviouratplay A4: and of course anything that is unsafe to self or others (which   usually results in restrictive, intrusive practices). #ABAchat
JHyfler We know that there is increase myeleinated matter in the brain, maybe the   route for MO to provide eye contact SUPER long! #ABAChat
Behaviorhal @abirchmeier absolutely agree! #ABAchat
JHyfler Learning in this population very sensitive — may only take a single   instance for inadvertent SR to cause a spiral #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler I agree. While a diagnosis may explain why, it does not explain   how and therefore what details of response chain to change #ABAchat
JHyfler In trying to teach replacement for toe walking, learner accidentally   bumps into a wall and I stop yelling at them for toe walking #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler multiple exposures to the same Sd–>bx–>Sr and we   now have an individual “insisting on sameness”. #ABAchat
JHyfler Or, I make eye contact with you, and 10 of my favorite teletubbies come   barging into the room #ABAChat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay Next to competeing stereotypies, rigidity equally as   difficult — need to REALLY think hard on programming #ABAChat
JHyfler i’d follow by asking, where does rigidity come from Is it a symptom that   I get stuck in wanting sameness where does that come from? #ABAChat
JHyfler Theoretically, SDs as signaling SR available, should be potential SDs   during learning phases, otherwise, they’d already be BXing #ABAChat
JHyfler Shouldn’t I just be able to SDelta and the rigidity goes away? #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler I’ve often wondered if impaired joint attention results in lack   of learning flexible, alternative uses of common stimuli. #ABAchat
JHyfler Then DRO a little, and we’re all cured?! #ABAChat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay — Interesting point re stimulus/JA Maybe ASD causes   stimuli to share formal similarities that we don’t see #ABAChat
abirchmeier Sorry all, time for me to duck out. Thanks @JHyfler for moderating   tonight. Good night! #ABAchat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler except are we sure we achieve an Sdelta? What aspect of stimulus   has the control? Does that aspect show up elsewhere? #ABAchat
JHyfler @abirchmeier — Thanks for participating! Hope to see you again soon!   #ABAChat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay maybe lack of training with conditional discriminations   — back to learning history! #ABAChat
iSolutionsASD @JHyfler Have you been successful w/ reducing and/or eliminating toe   walking that is automatically reinforced? #ABAChat
JHyfler @iSolutionsASD Never. #ABAChat.
behaviouratplay @JHyfler yup! Issue not on the autistic brain to change but for us as   teachers/therapists to create optimal learning enviro. #ABAchat
JHyfler Most interventions never get close to teaching a faster functionally   equivalent alternative – would probably need some UR to happen #ABAChat
JHyfler In absence of toe walking #ABAChat
JHyfler I think in hitting automatic stuff, the faster part is the key — hand   flap waaayy faster than saying “Yippie” for limited vocal #ABAChat
JHyfler The main point of this all, for me, that we need to respect the   manifestation of ASD symptoms, but know that the brain is a muscle. #ABAChat
JHyfler I don’t need to “cure” autism, but I do need to provide a   quality of life across the life-span #ABAChat
JHyfler If symptoms are interfereing, we can use strengths to decrease deficits   #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @JHyfler and unless person will participate in their own self-mgmt,   establishing alt. contingencies, likely not going to change. #ABAchat
JHyfler @behaviouratplay If you try to deprogram some of my quirks, I’m gonna get   real pissed real fast 🙂 #ABAChat
JHyfler Respect the DX, but work towards meaningful BX #ABAChat
behaviouratplay @jhyfler …assuming using reinforcement based strategies (no   punishment).  #ABAchat
behaviouratplay RT @JHyfler: Respect the DX, but work towards meaningful BX #ABAChat
iSolutionsASD @JHyfler Minimal success w/ students who toe walk -verbal cues and shoe   weights. More concerned w/ my 5 yr old who toe walks. #ABAChat
ajpetralia RT @JHyfler: I don’t need to “cure” autism, but I do need to   provide a quality of life across the life-span #ABAChat
JHyfler Well. I think that we’ll end here. Getting late. Hope it was fruitiful. I   know I got a lot out of it! Thanks! #ABAChat
behaviorbabe Q1: 3 Core deficits of #autism @abirchmeier: A1: comm, social skills,   restricted interests/repetitive bx    #ABAchat #behavioranalysis
behaviouratplay Thanks for the chat @JHyfler. Good discussion, chat about our   science!  #ABAchat #behavioranalysis

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