We All Have a Part: Reflections on a Massacre

As a person who has worked in mental health for both education and community settings. The last several hours have brought much to think about. In the aftermath of the Aurora, CO shootings, I have seen a lot of debate about whether it is a gun control, mental health, or law enforcement issue. As a professional and human being, I cannot help but feel that a person in need wasn’t helped. A person should never feel that violence is their only recourse for whatever it is they are trying to obtain or avoid. Yet, here we are once again. But what pains me more is the sorrow for ones that no longer have a voice for they had no choice or recourse.

There is much outrage when an event like this happens and we want to point the finger at someone for not doing anything about it. So many times something like this happens and we demand law enforcement and government to take notice and do something about it. But aren’t we all to blame? I am just as guilty as anyone. I don’t do enough. I don’t have the answers as to how to fix it, and I don’t pretend to; except to acknowledge that in this society we are in everybody’s business over things that don’t matter, but when it comes to real serious matters we turn a blind eye.

Perhaps you know someone who needs help and you don’t help them get it, or maybe you have the means to provide the help and you don’t provide it. or you know someone is in dire trouble and you don’t inform the proper authorities. All are means of letting us down.

That being said, I can do everything in my power and ability to help a person change. However, in the end I can only show a person the door, they must walk through it. I can and will advocate for my students and clients. I have and continue to sacrifice much personally for the success of my students. But at some point can I no longer offer my protection without sacrificing my morals and ethics?

I will continue to do my small part in teaching social emotional learning with teachers, students, and parents and I’ll be happy when I can effect the life of even person. And, although that sounds good and I keep trying to convince myself that one life is enough, it is not, nor will it ever be. This provides motivation for me to continue and DO MORE. I think it should be everyone’s goal to continue to DO MORE.


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