And I would do it all over again!

In my 15 years in mental health and education I have:

  • been called, well just about everything you can imagine
  • been spit on
  • had feces thrown at me
  • gotten at least one concussion
  • worked Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Year’s Day.
  • been peed on
  • went to the emergency room with a client who overdosed
  • Had a knife pulled on me by a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (an “alt” nonetheless)
  • Saw a kid punch himself in the face so hard he busted his own  jaw
  • been bitten (too many places to list)
  • wiped a 28 year old man’s backside
  • had my glasses broken (twice)
  • had my life threatened (too many times to count)
  • been head butted (hence the concussion)
  • saw a kid rip his own tooth out (twice)
  • been hit with a metal chair
  • been kicked in the face
  • saw a kid punch through a glass door
  • been kicked in the groin
  • been punched in the groin
  • chased a kid through a neighborhood
  • had someone tried to choke me with a phone cord
  • consoled many upset parents
  • saw a child eat his own feces
  • saw a man try to eat a tampon
  • watched a kid pull his own hair out
  • saw a kid pull his eyelashes out
  • broke up a few fights between parents
  • Had to stop a parent from choking his own child
  • watched a grandmother get escorted out the school in handcuffs
  • had snot smeared on my face
  • had a student intentionally vomit and throw it at me


  • watched a mother’s face upon hearing her 5 year old speak for the first time
  • had my first student graduate from high school
  • sat and ate Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter meals with and prepared by clients
  • seen the excitement on a child’s face when they have learned to read
  • given high fives for peeing in the potty (after washing hands of course!)
  • gotten a hug from a kid who “couldn’t” show affection
  • had a student call me dad
  • had a student call me mom
  • been invited to birthday parties
  • trusted a client enough to hold my infant child
  • had students make me a thank you card
  • had hope for a child, when no one thought there was any
  • received a hug from parents

And no matter what, I would do it all again! (Well, most of it 🙂 )


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