A Belated Thank You and a Dream Revealed.

Recently many of you supported my idea in last month’s Pepsi Refresh Project. Despite our best efforts, sadly we did not get enough votes to become finalists. I’ve taken some time to reflect on this over the past couple of weeks. I would lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. The funds would have gone a long way to the realization of a dream. However, it’s hard to cry over money that was a) never mine to begin with and b) well earned by someone else.

There were many great ideas proposed and the finalists went to great efforts to become finalists. I know this because we all put forth great effort. Through it all I discovered many people with other great ideas and none to be diminished by the fact that they weren’t successful in the vote.

I come away from this experience even more driven. Writing a proposal helped me formalize a vision I dreamed of a little over a year ago. While researching best practices in social emotional learning I realized that all the evidence points to the fact that we don’t do enough for our kids today. Children are having more behavior problems in school than ever before. People are joining the workforce without the necessary social, emotional, and interpersonal skills they should have learned while in school.

We often shelter our children so they don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. By doing so we only hold them back. In the process they don’t learn the valuable skills to be successful and independent. A family is only as strong as it’s weakest member. We do this because it is hard to place trust in someone else to help us do it. But what if there was someone you could trust? People who could not only help your child be successful, but also help you be successful as a parent?

That’s where BASES comes into the picture. My vision is a place where both children and parents can engage in social emotional learning and wellness activities. A place where children can learn the skills to succeed and where parents can learn that they are not alone. I was not convinced that anyone would buy into the idea, but your feedback let me know that I was on to something.

It has been a long process of reflection, but thanks to your support, I now have the commitment to make this dream a reality.


P.S. I’m working on a website which should be coming out soon! I will post an update to let you know when it’s ready!


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